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Full spectrum “daylight” screening

Have you asked yourself whether you maintain a standardised light quality similar to daylight for each dermoscopic examination with a conventional dermoscope? The microprocessor-controlled light mixture of micro-DERM Luminis allows a colour reproduction close to natural daylight.

High-precision optic system and focused lighting

The high magnififi cation permits an excellent view of all details without edge distortion. At a push of a button with focused lighting all structural characteristics of the skin can be perfectly represented and accurately documented.

Polarisation adapter

Using the polarisation filter you can examine the skin with no reflections without dermoscopic liquids.

Diopter correction

By turning the eyepiece focusing can be simply and precisely changed. The visual acuity correction is ideal for those dermoscopist examiners who wear spectacles.

Patient-friendly distance

A maximised field of vision allows for examination of lesions from a distance that is convenient for the patient. Without direct eyepiece contact everything is recognised sharply in exact detail from a 20 cm standback distance.

Ergonomic shape

The ergonomically designed body of microDERM Luminis permits comfortable single-hand use and operation of the simple build-in electronic control pad.


Practical cover adapters with a magnetic lock permit different adapters to be changed within seconds. The adapters design corresponds to the current hygiene requirements and may be autoclaved.

Constant lighting

With microDERM Luminis there is no loss of light even when the battery power slows down. A microprocessor ensures that lighting is maintained to a uniform value.

Individually programmable

The light intensity and other user-defined settings can easily be programmed according to examiner preferences. Preferred settings will automatically be present upon next use of the dermoscope.

Standardised lighting

Each particular microDERM Luminis is calibrated to high quality standards so that standardisation to strictest guidelines is ensured.




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