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Organic Vision: a possibility of artificial vision

Organic Vision is based on the application of general principles of the organisation of human intelligence, which have developed in the course of evolution. Individual subsystems, which each deal with part of the problem only, are integrated into a supersystem. No subsystem on its own is perfect, but when several subsystems are combined the required performance of vision is achieved. Each individual subsystem is redundant, so that the system as a whole can continue to function, even if a part of it delivers an unacceptable result, or none at all. Organic Vision learns by examples. Like a newborn, that is blind at birth for lack of having seen anything before, the system will improve its vision, the more it has seen. Organic Vision systems are not only robust to unexpected influences, but also generic enough to be deployed for various tasks. Organic Vision can see, independently of what needs to be seen.

Organic Vision - aiming at the future

Today, the use of the full spectrum of adaptation of organic vision is limited by computing power. However, a lot of applications already obtain convincing results on customary computers. Visiomed solely markets products which operate on such computers. The DANAOS expert system for example calculates in less than a second a score for a recorded skin lesion and makes a comparison with more than 100,000 know skin lesion stored in a training database. Today, the Organic Vision application for automatic analysis and evaluation of pigmentary marks already operates on a mobile phone fast and without complications. In the near future the computing power of customary microprocessors will be sufficient to analyse extremely complex scenes and to equip vehicles with autopilots for instance.

500 years of development

Over 500 manyears of development years and €30 million have been invested into the development of Visiomed’s technology, a large proportion of which was conducted in leading research institutes. Visiomed has access to the latest advances in both artificial and human intelligence through its close collaboration with the Ruhr University, Bochum, the University of Lübeck and the University of South California, Los Angeles. Extensive R&D projects with some 50 leading research institutes and international corporationsensure that Visiomed will maintain its lead in Organic Vision..

Organic Vision interdisziplinary

Apart from Organic Vision, Visiomed is also a pioneer in related fields such as algorithms, software development, camera and video technology, optics and electronics, artificial intelligence, neural computing, non-linear dynamics and optimisation through evolution - Visiomed and its founders have a long track record of internationally recognised innovations in these fields

Visiomed’s technology enjoys the protection of numerous patents. These patents not only bear witness to the innovative energy of Visiomed, but also ensures its exclusive access to the technologies and markets of the future and any applications pioneered by Organic Vision.


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