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Visiomed AG uses strict quality management principles in all work areas. These principles are an elementary part of our strategy with the goal of being able to offer to our customers optimum products and services. While the management carries the responsibility for the total output and the quality system of the company, the responsibility for the quality, the security and the efficiency of Visiomed products and services are carried by each individual worker of the Visiomed AG.


The quality goals of the Visiomed AG are:

  • To recognize the customers as central purpose of all efforts and to deliver qualitatively high-quality products and services.
  • Purposefully plan and expand the business, new technologies develop, in order to be successful in the range "Medical Imaging '.
  • To improve the abilities of employees by training, information and personal promotion.
  • To use an effective quality management, which fulfills the requirements of the responsible authorities, including ISO9001:2000/ISO13485:2003 and the guidelines of the American Food and Drug administration (FDA).
  • To promote the quality consciousness of the employees to use the modern means quality management and to regard all necessary activities as quality relevant task.
  • Each kind of lack and errors recognize, analyze, evaluate and purposefully to correct.
  • To promote the market profile of the Visiomed group and to offer high-quality products in the "Medical Imaging ' range.
  • To improve the quality of products and services,  the development and production continuously.
  • Fulfill closely with suppliers to co-operate to guarantee that materials match our specifications or indicated requirements.
  • To examine the achievement of the company regularly, in order to guarantee that the internal processes supply the planned results.

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