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The DANAOS-study

The result is a unique database with information on skin pigmentations and histological findings from several thousand patients in which the collected knowledge from experienced dermatologists from all over Europe was included. The essential findings derived from the DANAOS study and included in the microDERM® development can be summarized as follows:

The different image-analytic features and the anamneses data collected in the data system provide an important base for a reliable classification of skin lesions. For a selection of diagnosis-relevant features, neural network technology has proved to be more accurate and more reliable than linear systems used for the traditional ABCD rule.

Comparability and reproducibility

To ensure the reproducibility and comparability of the stored images, a standardization of the images is of major importance, particularly for accurate follow-up examinations. In addition such accurate measurement of skin lesions requires excellent image quality and the possibility of variable magnification.

An European project

The cooperation of dermatologists throughout Europe allowed the establishment of a collection of data that is unique in its scope and validity worldwide.

An image assessment program with its operation founded on neural networks can automatically provide very exact and reliable rules on the basis of such a large data pool. In this context one should take into consideration that only the multi-ethnic distribution within the database allowed the highest possible generalisation capability of the system.



The DANAOS Mole Analyzer

All these results led to the technically sophisticated and a scientifically sound DANAOS expert system provided by microDERM®. Developed by dermatologists for dermatologists, the system is a milestone in the early recognition of skin cancer. The continuously increasing large number of skin cancer diseases is a challenge requiring intensive research in the coming years. The number of scientific partners and clinics involved in this project continues to increase. Thus, the image stock of the microDERM® database will be extended even after the official end of the DANAOS project thereby ensuring consistency and continuous improvement in diagnostic accuracy.

The performance of the DANAOS-Expertsystem was published in the British Journal of Dermatology:

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