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The Ideal Supplement for the Hair Consultation-Hour

The treatment of patients with hair problems is an increasingly important theme in dermatological consulting offices. Of course it is not always possible to display the specific hair situation to the patient and to explain the therapeutical application clearly and convincingly since the conventional methods, as for instance phototrichogram, take quite a long time and are painful. A convincing display of the findings is also not possible. For these reasons we have developed the software modul microDERM® Hair on the basis of our successful microDERM® system. A professional instrument which enables you to do justice to a patients desire for a qualified and objective hair analysis and accurate treatment. The microDERM® software is based on the most modern, scientifically secured, procedures of image analysis and computer intelligence.

Painless and Objectively

MicroDERM® Hair is a professional expert system for the painless preparation of digital trichograms. It enables you to compute the hair activity quickly and absolutely dependably. Based on highly developed algorithms for the recognition and computation of hairs it automatically computes the number of hairs, their lengths and diameters and also the anagenic- telogenic ratio and thusly analyses the patients hair activity. The results are numerically and graphically represented. In order to document the curing success the results can be reproducibly stored in a data storage and can be referred to for comparison.

Easy to Use - Precise Results 

MicroDERM® Hair is easily handled. You can prepare a significant digital trichogram painlessly and speedily. In order to check out hair diseases you shave a 10 by 10 mm large area on the head with the aid of the enclosed razer down to a hair length of 1 mm.The site to be shaved is chosen with the possibility in mind to cover it up with longer hair after the examination is finished. This way it is warranted that if the hair is only 4 cm long no troublesome bare areas will be visible. The area prepared in such a way will then be documented by a photographic exposure. Only two days later another photograph will be taken of the same area. Thereafter these two photographic images will be analysed within a few seconds with a aid of a picture processing algorithsm.

Standardised image quality and reproducible results

The automated picture standardization guarrantees the comparability of the portrayed area. The micoDERM® Hair based on an expert system analyses the alterations, shows them on the screen in a graphic manner, computes automatically the number of hairs, their lengths and diameter and the anagenic-telogenic ratio. The computed parameters give information about the patients current hair activity. Based upon the gained knowledge the dermatologist can find the suitable therapy and convince the patient of the proposed mode of acting.

Documentation of successes with epilation

MicroDERM® Hair is also very well suited for checking the results of the epilation. At a test area the hair will be photographed before beginning the epilation and will be counted by the system. Afterwards the epilation will take place and after a few weeks the newly grown hair in the test area will be photographed and counted again. The successful epilation can thus be automatically and objectively and reproducibly recorded and documented.


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