microderm E50


microDERM® E50+

microDERM® E50+: The perfect module solution in digital dermsoscopy.

The microDERM® E50+ camera system has been developed in collaboration with renowned dermatologists and scientific research institutions, which assures the system’s practicality and the medical benefit. Easy-to-use control mechanisms combine brilliant image quality and quick handling. Assured automation and in particular image standardisation are the key.

Visiomed image documentation systems are central tools of the next generation in the early detection of skin cancer: universal image documentation systems with unique technology.s for efficient examination and quality improvement in patient care.

microderm E50 examination

System features at a glance

• Intuitively operable user interface
• Reliable follow-ups
• Modular extension of the software
• Microscopic and clinical images
• Slim, lightweight body
• Live image & menu prompt by integrated display
• Easy connection via USB
• Practical handling
• Brilliant image quality & standardised images
• Reproducible daylight illumination



microderm E50 examination


microDERM® E50+ as the perfect examination platform

An examination with the microDERM® E50+ system constitutes a useful, modern service for your patients. Since microDERM® E50+ is able to visualise, in a brilliant manner, even the smallest changes of skin blemishes and unnecessary excisions can thus be avoided, you provide your patients with additional safety.

Quick image saving and delegable workflows characterise all our systems. Compared to other reflected-light microscopy solutions, microDERM® E30 convinces with its compact handle, high-quality storage station, attractive design, easy connection via USB as well as
network capability and mobile usability.




Reliable dermoscopy

The microDERM® E50+ is the optimum introduction to the world of digital reflected-light microscopy at an attractive price and offering all functions you are expecting from a modern image system.

The patented lens offers 20-50x magnification in the highest quality. The camera is completely controlled by the software so that the same image parameters are always used. Consistent, standardised image quality
is thus also assured for follow-ups.
The precision lens assures that neither colour or brightness variations nor geometric distortions occur. Work successfully using significant, standardised images.


















An indispensible examination partner

The microDERM® E50+ visualises and documents all diagnostic findings relating to skin and hair, regardless of whether you make clinical, macroscopic or dermoscopic images.

You can complete the microDERM® E50+ system with our skinmapPLUS system for automatic whole body photography, with the DANAOS expert system - the “second opinion” for the evaluation of pigmented skin
variances - with the microDERM® Wireless Software for wireless work or with the microDERM® Hair Expert, the digital trichogramma that is able to measure hair growth and density in a reproducible manner. Make the therapeutic success clearly visible to your patients.

Attractive price-performance ratio

The low acquisition costs match the budget of a modern dermatology office. Versatile application possibilities of the microDERM® E50+ camera make additional income sources available. Apart from that, we support
you in your individual office marketing.
Flyers and posters for your waiting area, text templates and professional image material for your practise homepage and other advertising material are available.
Tell us your individual wishes! Of course, we can also support you in IGeL and accounting issues. Images in outstanding quality convince your patients. The microDERM® E50+ provides you with everything you
need for standardised images. Complex screenings and follow-ups are mastered quickly and efficiently.
Using the microDERM® E50+, you receive a practicable product at the best possible price-performance ratio, while the microDERM® E50+ camera is also compatible with all other dermatoscopy solutions from our company. Thus, a future switch to other microDERM® products
with additional functions is possible at any time.





microDERM E50+: modular expandable

The microDERM E50+ system can subsequently be expanded with the following components:

  • microDERM hair expert – digital trichogram
  • DANAOS expert system – mole analyser
  • SkinMAP FBP – whole body follow-up of pigmented skin-changes

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